08 In The HOOOUUUSE!!!


This is my “best of ’08” music edition.

I mean it was a really good year for alot of people, not so good for others.

Musically speaking Kanye took a super risk, and depending on your take of the album it could be deemed as successful or not. Is they jury still out? Not for me, I think the album is dope and will continue to think so for years. My 9 year old niece was singing Street Lights on XMAS day and it was a beautiful thing.

Shout out to Black Milk, Elzhi, Shawn Jackson, Blu & Exile, Wayne, Jeezy, Bussa Bus and a host of other people I’m forgetting that put out a bunch of quality music.

2008 was a HUGE year for dance music as well. Was there anything bigger than the Day N Night remix?

DC did it big with Nadastrom and Tittsworth having worldwide success, and locally with parties such as Nouveau Riche, Blisspop, and Sorted going strong and getting stronger.

Everyone’s musical tastes are different, including mine. At the same time I’m not really a critical person so I’m not gonna say who sucked, who is going to suck in ’09 or any of that stuff. I use EVERY type of music for inspiration whether its a mix from Cosmo Baker, a video from The Death Set or Ninja Sonik, or the latest Authentic Shit podcast.

As a general rule it seemed that people stepped their game up this year, and ’09 is going to only be better. Fire up the ableton, logic or MPC and get it crackn!