Will Rappers Stand Up To The Challenge?

by Winston "Stone" Ford

Sorry, but I can give a damn when I see rappers and entertainers cutting videos for Obama. I’m sure its there little way of contributing to the cause, but people on the ground are wondering….could we do more?

Take Puffy. Even though the man tried with the Vote or Die campaign in 2004, the dude has been very silent in 2008. Except on Youtube.  Even though Puff says that he wants Obama to win, what is doing on the ground to help this man get elected?

Puffy, instead of cutting YouTube videos “for” Obama, why don’t you go to your neighboring state of Pennsylvania and rent buses to get low income voters to the polls? Pennsylvania does not have early voting so the African American turnout may be substantially less then states like Georgia and North Carolina. Pennsylvania is also a battleground state, where Kerry only narrowly won in by 2% in 2004, and where McCain is making his last stand in this election.

There are thousands of people in places like Philly and Pittsburgh that do not have transportation to get to the polls that could swing the election in this state if they get out to vote. If Puffy just dropped approximately $30,000 for 100 school buses, it can bring 5,000 people to the polls in 1 trip.

If those 100 buses took 30 trips to the polls tomorrow, it would out almost 150,000 voters.

If I had the money to pull this off, I would. But I don’t. You know who does? Puffy.

  • Sonya

    Valid point but we’re talking about a person who doesn’t have an ounce of humility left in him, on top of being disconnected from a community to whom he and his artists (the good ones from years past) catered and who supported the artists. I’m probably the only person on Earth who still likes this dude but truth is truth. Crazy thing is, this is an issue that doesn’t only include him but many people in the industry. People who came up from these same disadvantaged backgrounds and only a fraction give back. I’m the first to say that no one is obligated to give back but when you make a stand like “everybody go vote for Barack Obama” you can’t half ass it

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