UK Tings: Kano, Wiley, Taiwah

Kano – Hustler

VIDEO NSFW (The nipples are blurred out, but still…)

I already think that this video is one of the best of the year, but could this take this the best beat of the year honors as well? Kano’s album 140 Grime Street dropped in the UK last September and some over there are billing this as the London’s answer to Tha Carter III. If you don’t know what the video is referring to, then I suggest you re-watch New Jack City. I think this is probably one of the best videos of the year. What do y’all think?

Wiley – Cash In My Pocket

WileyCash In My Pocket

Last time we heard from Wiley, the dude was calling his record company out on the Internets. Apparently, Wiley and The Man hugged it out, because his album, See Clear Now drops in the UK in January. His track Cash In My Pocket just dropped on the Internets (via DDoff) featuring Daniel Merriweather, and although the beat is dope, the hook is one of the most annoying things I’ve heard this year. Seriously, I can’t stand Autotune, but they need to throw some on this track.

Wiley describes See Clear Now as an “official” pop record, featuring collaborations with Lily Allen, Hot Chip, and Mark Ronson. I take it grime is officially dead, however, I’m curious to see how this album turns out.


Taiwah – Every Step

Sorry people, I have a MAD late pass with this one. If you don’t know, Taiwah is a South London based soul artist who is dropping some killer tunes right now. The 21 year old songstress is best known for working with Mark Ronson (who seems to be the Lil’ Wayne of the UK producer game right now), on his Versons LP that dropped last year though I wasn’t really feeling her contribution. However, her EP, titled In Jodi’s Bedroom, is simply amazing. It’s vaulting up my best album list as I type.