Obama Victory Party In DC

by Winston "Stone" Ford

I love my city right now…

11th and U

(photo via DCist)

14th and U

Apparently the party went on until about 4 AM. At the site of the 1968 riots. Amazing.

  • Jerome

    I was out there.

    It was surreal.

    Everyone was watching the election @ Marvin, BusBoys, Bohemian Caverns, and a million other places on U St. Once they announced he was the streets were on fire. People dancin in the street, ON TOP of bus stops and just a general sense of positivity was in the air.

    It was ill beacuse when McCain spoke it started to rain heavy, but as soon as Barack spoke it stopped. So ill!

    Once BaRack exited the stage everyone flushed out of whatever venue they were in and proceeded to have a ball of a time on 14th and U.

    The crazy thing is the last time 14th and U was shut down was in 1968 – for the riots.

    It was nothing but love last night and I’m hella proud that I was there.

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