New Music: Jessica Tonder

Jessica Tonder – Art of War

I fell in love with Jessica Tonder’s voice from the second I heard it, and y’all might remember the Bee Remix with Proton that I played on the Podcast back in May, but Soul Bounce alerted me to the fact that she’s dropped some new songs on her MySpace which are equally as impressive.

With a smoky voice that evokes great female jazz artists of the past, and solid trip-hop production from Derrick “Drop” Braxton, the creator of such tracks as “Gold Watch,” and “Streets on Fire” from Lupe Fiasco’s The Cool, the 22 year old Atlanta via Miami native is poised to do big things in 2009. Her songs not only bring back the essence of those trip-hop tracks that we remember from the hey-dey (think Portishead and Esthero), but also brings a freshness and a uniqueness to them that is rare in music nowadays.

Her newest project, The Robot And The Little Girl, adds to Atlanta’s weerdo robot infatuation, and will hopefully drop soon.