FREE: Brittany Bosco’s Spectrum EP

Brittany Bosco – Spectrum EP (Zip File)

I know I deserve a mad late pass for this, but I’m just getting around to the amazing Spectrum EP from Savannah’s Brittany Bosco. Like fellow Georgian Janelle Monae, Ms Bosco does have that futuristic element to her sound (like everybody out of that state these days), but the comparisons end there. Bosco brings a more soulful, jazzy element to her tracks. Songs like 8 Track sound retro without hyping the current Motown trend. With production by Alex Goose (who was responsible for Danny Swain’s fantastic album And I Love Her), the Spectrum EP foreshadows good things for Bosco’s debut album.

Also, this EP qualifies for the best packaging of 2008. Hands down.