Zion I Drops New Remixes With Talib, Santogold

[Audio removed because of infringement notice]

Zion-I, the potent Oakland duo of Amplive and Zumbi have been out of the spotlight since around 2006. Amplive, generated interest his own news for his Radiohead Rainydayz Remixes which drew cititcal acclaim from the blogs and scrutiny from Radiohead’s publisher Warner Chappelle. In January, the duo will release their long awaited album The Takeover, which drops in January. However, before that happens, the duo is dropping the Search and Seizure Mixtape on limited edition cassette this month.

Cassette? Seriously? Do we really NEED to be this old school?

Anyway, even though the nature of releasing material on a long dead format can be questioned, the music cannot. The three tracks I’ve heard so far from the mixtape are fire. Amplive does a decent job of flipping Santogold’s “One,” and Talib stop by to drop a verse on a remix of Zion I’s “Temperature.” I really like the remix of “Recession Remix,” of Tapes n Tapes’ (a band that I really didn’t mess with until today) The Dirty Dirty but I can do without the whole “recession” part.

What do you think?