Video: Jazmine Sullivan – Bust Your Windows

Jazmine Sullivan is an artist who has managed to take some risks in a genre (Commercial R&B) that doesn’t really accept coloring outside the lines. Her latest song is an example of that risk taking–“Break Your Windows,” which features a sassy classical beat that i actually is low key enough to demonstrate her vocal abilities.

The topic is a take on the tried and true “woman scorned” role, with Ms. Sullivan taking a “Waiting to Exhale” turn on her dude’s property. Even though the actions expressed in the track are immature as hell, Ms. Sullivan owns this song and sounds even more mature than her 21 years.

But as a male, I cannot cosign this song.

I’m sorry, but there is nothing that a male can do less domestic violence that would warrant a response as harsh as destroying property. Nothing. If I had a girl that would try and pull this on me I would have her in court so fast that….

Okay,Β  let me stop.

I will say that I’m impressed with Ms. Sullivan and I’m looking forward to seeing what the future holds for her career.