Video: Jazmine Sullivan – Bust Your Windows

by Winston "Stone" Ford

Jazmine Sullivan is an artist who has managed to take some risks in a genre (Commercial R&B) that doesn’t really accept coloring outside the lines. Her latest song is an example of that risk taking–“Break Your Windows,” which features a sassy classical beat that i actually is low key enough to demonstrate her vocal abilities.

The topic is a take on the tried and true “woman scorned” role, with Ms. Sullivan taking a “Waiting to Exhale” turn on her dude’s property. Even though the actions expressed in the track are immature as hell, Ms. Sullivan owns this song and sounds even more mature than her 21 years.

But as a male, I cannot cosign this song.

I’m sorry, but there is nothing that a male can do less domestic violence that would warrant a response as harsh as destroying property. Nothing. If I had a girl that would try and pull this on me I would have her in court so fast that….

Okay,  let me stop.

I will say that I’m impressed with Ms. Sullivan and I’m looking forward to seeing what the future holds for her career.

  • Lady Glock

    I wasn’t going to comment on this originally, but it’s bugging me.

    This song is crap. For a lot of reasons.

    Ok, so yeah as far as commercial R&B goes, it’s tolerable. But there are so many reasons why it is a really lousy follow up to her first single. Though seeing how it’s on MTV Jams, it’ll probably be the next huge hit to be on the charts.

    First off, the sample used is a tango, a style of music that provides the backdrop to a very sexy and sensual (though at times angry) dance. Maybe the whole idea was to make the song a little ironic, that the cheating game is in of itself a sensual dance. But I really doubt that whoever produced this song thought that deeply into it.

    Secondly, as a woman, I hate songs where female singers talk about getting crazy and destroying their no good man’s things. These songs are telling women that this, for the most part, is an acceptable reaction to have. And as a woman who has been in that position, I know what getting that angry can feel like.

    However, getting revenge on a guy by breaking his stuff and destroying his place only gives him more reason to call you a crazy bitch. And gives him more justification for why he was cheating. So in reality, this whole “I’m a strong woman so I’m going to destroy everything he owns and therefore destroy him” mentality backfires.

    As for her maturity, Jazmine Sullivan has a powerful, beautiful voice. But to me, this video actually makes her look younger than 21. She looks like a little girl who got into grown up clothes. Though it probably wasn’t her choice perse, she really doesn’t have to get dressed up, made up and attitude-d up to to make her sound more mature. Her voice can do that for her.

    There is so much more I could say about this, but I’m gonna give it a rest. Sorry for the rant, Stone…

  • spirit equality

    Uh, yeah, I agree with most of the sentiments above. R&B singers, say no to these type of messages. What’s next, singing about stabbing people? Maybe a song about *wanting* to break someone’s windows after being done wrong, but really considering that urban radio is aimed at girls 12-16 (hence the success of bow wow, etc), is this the message we want to send to our young girls?

  • Lily Kane

    *All is fair in love and war.*
    Someone once said that, I think….
    I agree it’s better for our cause (as women) to control those urges to bust windows, but you know that man did something to deserve it. Listen to the rest of the album. The girl’s been through some shit. As she said, “you may call it juvenile but I think that I deserve to smile”
    She knows it’s not right, she admits it in the lyrics- “why am i the one still crying?” Both men and women experience moments when feelings take over and destroy all logic.

    So there’s that, then there’s the fact that this song is bangin, makes me wanna dance, and forget my loser ex whom I would normally be plotting against.

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