The New Hotness…

Couch Sessions version 3.0 is a go!

It’s been a long time coming, but today marks the second evolution for the Couch Sessions site. I felt like I had to step my game up design wise to stay relevant and stand out, since everybody and their mother has a blog nowadays.

First thing you will notice is the new logo. Much thanks to goes to Dennis from Heads of Wool down in Atlanta for the artwork. If you need any logos, business cards, or mixes, hit him up!

Second, we now have ads. Don’t hate. I’m not pulling a Black Eyed Peas style sellout here. I need money to keep this operation going, and to bring y’all fresh new content as well as hoepfully fund some recording products. For the most part, these ads are only going to be in one spot and I’m not adding pop up ads or anything like that. Also, I’m only accepting ads from products that I use personally. And last, I will be working with local artists and retail outlets to give them cut rate access for ad sales.

Third, I’ve added an events calendar. At the moment, I’m adding events manually, but I’m going to expand it eventually so y’all can log in and add events yourselves.

Lastly, this new site is still a work in progress. Consider this a “soft launch.” I already know that there are tweaks that have to be made. I’m still working on making the site look good in Internet Explorer, but Firefox and Safari users should be straight.

What do y’all think of the new design??