Proton – Red & Purple Mixtape

Proton – Red & Purple Vol. 1Mixtape (Media Fire)

The dudes from Proton have been getting some buzz around the lately. The ATLiens combine that classic crunk sound with futuristic space odysseys that seems to be very prevalent down South these days (check Janelle Monae). Proton, along with Monae, Hollyweerd and others are apart of the new Blipster scene in the ATL, heralded by parties like Sloppy Seconds.

The mixtape touches on a varitey of influences from Kraftwerk to Bollywood to the East Coast. Even though they hail from down South,  “Magazine Dreams, “Juicy Fruit,” and “Ice Cream,” and “Hot Sex on a Platter” rely pay homage to East Coast Hip-Hop. Spliced in between these tracks are some stellar tracks like “Playboy,” and “Good Look.”  Couch Sessions homegirls Slick and Rose join in on “Come Alive”, and the dudes include Jessica Tonder’s Bee Remix which was featured on our last podcast.

The result is some ground breaking music, and even if the mixtape is a little uneven, it foreshadows good things for Proton in the future.