New Music: Mos Def – Life in Marvelous Times

Mos Def – Life in Marvelous Times (snippet)

I’m glad to see Mos Def back in the studio with new music, even though I couldn’t blame him if he took up acting full time. Mos has had a troubled career of late–Tru Magic never really got the proper release it deserved, and The New Danger was universally panned. However his new album, The Ecstatic, seems like a return to form, with the Madlib produced Auditorium and the lead single, Life In Marvelous Times, bringing back that boom-bap feel that had everybody running to the record store when Black on Both Sides came out.

Life in Marvelous Times premieres on iTunes on Election Day, November 4th. The album is supposed to drop in December, however the tracklisting is so far a secret. Hopefully, this album won’t get pushed back/shelved this time around, but I’m not holding my breath until I see an official video.