New Music: Kanye West – Robocop

by Winston "Stone" Ford

Kanye WestRobocop

So a blogger who was lucky enough to go to Kanye’s weird ass listening party said that Robocop was one of the best songs off of 808 and Heartbreaks album. After finally hearing the leaked song, all I gotta say is…really?

Not saying that the song is bad, but I get the sense that Kanye is overdoing it. I understand that 808 is not going to be the mainstream rap album that his fans want, and I’m actually glad that it won’t be. But something about this song just makes it seems that the dude is trying too hard. Maybe its the off kilter beats? Or maybe it’s the fact that there’s too much damn autotune for my fragile ears? Who knows.

What do y’all think?

(Kanye emo pic from this link.)

  • HipHop is Alive

    I was talking about this very same issue on Friday. I think Kanye has gone too far out there. He’s taking a huge gamble of losing his core fan-base with this new album.
    Autotune-Overkill should have been the name of this album

    good luck Ye
    Hip Hop is Alive

  • Lady Glock

    You know something?

    This isn’t as bad as I was thinking it was going to be. I’m not loving it, but it’s not that bad. Actually, of everything I’ve heard from the album, I think this is probably the most pop radio friendly. I can see them playing it on 106 & Park or TRL and the “kids” loving it. (Do those shows still exist? I’m so out of the loop).

    Also, I have to say Kanye as an emo kid…kinda sorta sexy…

  • himalaya

    meh……I’m convinced now that Kanye is a robot.

  • d

    @ Hip Hop is Alive..

    Co-sign with the Autotune overkill.. but I’m sure it will do fine & the kids will eat it up. This is making my ears bleed and my eyes weep though…

  • JConda

    I think the over-use of auto-tune is a gimmick to get the kids to dig it/buy it. As cocky as Kanye attempts to project himself, if he was truly confident he wouldn’t hide behind such gimmicks. 10 years from now we’ll be laughing about auto-tune vocals like we do parachute pants (yes I’m from the Chi and that’s what we called those joints). It devalues his artistry.

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