Be Careful While Wearing Your Obama T-Shirt

Even though Obama is ahead in the national polls by double digits, the ignorance and racism that has permeated through this campaign won’t go away. In fact, once people realize that we are just weeks away from having the first Black president, it will get worse. McCain’s campaign, as a sign of desperation, has been stroking White fear at his rallies, trying to associate Obama with a 70’s radical to prove of his “terrorist” ties and turning a deaf ear to chants of “kill him” and “traitor.”

I’ve talked to friends who have campaigned in Pennsylvania, and she talked about rocks getting thrown at her and doors slammed in her face to the tune of “I’ll never vote for that Muslim nigger.” My other friend has had his Obama sign removed from his yard several times and yet another friend in a battleground state was telling me of how everyone in his neighborhood is scared of showing any support for Obama.
I’m sure that there have been physical altercations and many hate crimes that have gone unreported across the country. However, the first reported shooting of someone who wearing an Obama shirt ironically happened in London.

The 36-year-old victim was standing in line in the shop when a man nearby began hurling racist abuse him.

It is believed the abuse started because the victim was wearing a T-shirt with an image of the US presidential candidate.

The man left the store and went to his car, but as he was sitting in the driver’s seat the other man opened his door and fired a number of shots at him with the air pistol – hitting him in the face.

Be careful when you rock your overpriced Pharrell Obama shirts this week. (via Different Kitchen)

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