Adult Swim Presents: African Swim

Adult Swim Presents: African Swim (Zip File)

Adult Swim rides HARD for the South…..South Africa that is.

I wrote way back in 2006 that Adult Swim was doing more for hip-hop than MTV and BET combined, and when you look at their track record, you can’t deny this fact. The network most responsible for Aqua Teen Hunger Force and Robot Chicken has done everything from releasing albums with MF Doom to giving David Banner his own show. It’s also been the proprietors of some really good left field hip-hop collaborations and their mixtape series has highlighted artists from Chocolate Industries and Stone’s Throw records. For its latest series, AS shines its light on African Hip-Hop. YES, African Hip-Hop.

We all know that Hip-Hop is a global phenomenon, however, most people in the US have limited exposure to hip-hop outside of the continent. And unfortunately, Americans’ exposure to most African music has been very limited over the years. To be quite honest, I’m not familiar with African hip-hop at all, and can’t recognize a single name on this mixtape. However, I’m a new fan of such artists like Zola, Maggz, and Gumshev. What strikes me the most about international hip-hop is how they take current American trends (like auto-tune in Rusty Dusty’s The Place I’m From) and flip them for their audience.

This is a very good look for Adult Swim and a good insight into African Hip-Hop.

If you want to know more about African hip-hop, (via Radio Milwaukee)