Video: Janelle Monae – Many Moons

To be honest, I was very skeptical about Janelle Monae’s move to Bad Boy, but after watching this video, I am further convinced that it was the real deal. “Many Moons” is one of the more accessible songs on her EP (other than “Mr. President,” of course) and is my favorite track from the EP. I see that they put some money into the video, which might end up being the best of 2008. Even though the futuristic robot concept is a tad far out, whoever directed the video actually sold the idea. The track itself could actually get some good radio play if they work it right. She’s getting a lot of love from the Internets at the moment, with some calling her the “new Grace Jones.” I wouldn’t go that far yet, but I do think that she is one of the most talented artists I’ve seen in a while. Let’s help Ms. Monae make it big in 2008.

And remember, we were onto Janelle Monae in 2005!