UK Tings: Vula

by Winston "Stone" Ford

I haven’t been keeping up with things in the UK as much as I would like, but after discovering East London artists Vula, I’m convinced I need to start taking notice again.

The 28 year old America born/UK living songstress is probably most known for being spotlighted on electronica duo Basement Jaxx’s last record, Crazy Itch Radio, which she was featured on3 songs. However, she’s making her own way as an R&B artist, with her own label (DivaGeek Records) and a feature of BBC’s Black music station 1Xtra.

Her music is straight R&B, but being from the UK, many of her tracks have heavy broken-beat influences which add some spin on the type of post neo-soul trend (yeah, I invented that) trend currently being occupied by Muhsinah.

It’s hard to know if Vula will ever take off in the UK. Maybe she needs to come back to the US and hook up with Kanye (a la Estelle)? (via Wuzz)

Download her EP at iTunes.

Vula – If U Want It (Official Video)

Vula – If U Want It (Live Acoustic) *Hot Fire!!

  • Lizelle

    Ooohhh…good call on her! I’m gonna have to get on that right away!

  • Lady Glock

    She’s amazing live.

    Yeah…saw her twice…

    Can’t say stuff like this much any more :( I miss London already.

  • Superbizzee

    Good call. Just download her EP from iTunes. Amazed I hadn’t heard of her before. Kinda crazy how they’re playin up the “fat-women-like-to-eat” schtick in the video. She’s a dope vocalist, tho.

  • himalaya

    is that Simon Ratcliffe from Basement Jaxx playing the boyfriend in the video??

  • toxik kargoll

    that live thing is amazing

    plus she sexy

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