New Music: The Constellations

The Constellations feat Asher RothWere Here to Save the Day

The ConstellationsFelicia (Klever Remix)

I haven’t really been into indie rock like I used to. All of these buzz bands sound the same to me. It’s almost like the white people’s version of ringtone rap. However, the Atlanta’s Constellations seemed to have defined their sound, bluing their indie rock sound with elements of hip-hop and electronica and flipping the whole genre on its backside in the process. Tarik has been hyping these dudes up for the longest, and I’m convinced that, these dude are going to be a household name this time next year.

The group has ties to Gnarls Barkley’s production, and the connection pays off as well–Cee Lo makes an appearance on their album. The trio also snagged future Eminem Asher Roth for “Were Here To Save the Day,” way before he got famous on the Internet.

Their album Southern Gothic, which just dropped this summer, is supposedly a trip through late night Atlanta (which ain’t the same since they shut down Buckhead), complete with a visit to the infamous Clermont Lounge. What do y’all think?