New Music: Bronx River Parkway

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Truth and Soul is one of my favorite boutique labels. The Brooklyn based outfit, which is dedicated to releasing classic soul vinyl as well as artists who fit that classic sound. However, unlike the played out trend of that “Motown” sound, Truth and Soul diggs a little bit deeper. The best known artists on the label, The El Michaels Affair pays homage to the great (and overlooked) soul orchestras of the 60s and 70s. And their newest contribution, Bronx River Parkway, focuses on New York Afro-Cuban jazz, which emerged in the late 60s.

Bronx River Parkway is a collection of over 20 musicians from Puerto Rico and New York, who are trying to keep the Latin Jazz spirit alive.  Their latest album, San Sebastian 152  was recorded in PR in a makeshift school, with old mattresses for sound insulation (word?). The music is a mix of new R&B with more traditional latin sounds. It ain’t for everyone, but for rans of El Michels Arrair and the Budous Band should definately check them out.