Kid Cudi and Hollywood Holt on Tour

Yes, this is major hipster bull$hit, and to be quite honest I’m not buying into the hype of Kid Cudi. Hollywood Holt on the other hand…well, we were down with him since 2005. I’m glad that Holt is getting some shine, first with a video, and now with a mini tour that will send them to NYC, Baltimore, and Canada of all places. Will Hollywood Holt’s Chicago house influenced vibe should go down well in B-more? (via Brooklyn Vegan)

ps…..the flyer for Love is for New York, not DC 🙁

Tour Dates:

Sept. 23 Bedrock Baltimore – Baltimore, MD
Sept. 24 Love – New York City, NY Presented by Good Peoples and Mean Red
Sept. 26 Peer Pressure / The Coda Club – Montreal, QC
Sept. 27 Wrong Bar – Toronto, ON
Sept. 29 Rehab Evil Olive – Chicago, IL
Sept. 30 Dim Mak Tuesdays Cinespace – Hollywood, CA.
Oct. 1 Infatuation @ Vessel – San Francisco, CA