Kanye West Love Lockdown, Take 2

Kanye WestLove Lockdown (Remastered)

Kanye WestLove Lockdown (That Roan Refix)

Kanye WestLove Lockdown (Hatchmatik Remix)

Kanye WestLove Lockdown (Chew Fu’s Small Room Fix)

Kanye WestLove Lockdown (Flufftronix Edit)

First off, Kanye West shouldn’t be in jail. Yes, I saw the video, but if I had dudes following me around with video cameras all day I would probably do the same thing too.

Second, Kanye got around to mastering his track for Love Lockdown, the love it or hate it first single from his upcoming album 808s & Heartbreak. The unmastered version sounded like ass, so ‘Ye went back to the studio to re-record the vocals and drums. Not surprisingly, it sounds much better. However, it still lacks that bounce that would make it a hit single.

Enter the remixers, who have already done a better job than Ye at getting out the essence of the song. Lets be honest, the futuristic ballad concept just doesn’t workm, especially with Kanye, but as a house track, Love Lockdown is fire. I’m sure that there are plenty more remixes on the way, but here is a collection of the most popular ones right on the internet now. (big hat tip to Ddoff Daily for this)