Gonna Make You Sweat

by Rome

I have a question that I’d like anyone to answer: if you ride your bike to work in the morning, don’t you sweat heavily? Like I understand the health aspects and MAYBE, if you are going down hill the entire way, but still, come on man, Degree deodorant can only go SO far.

If anyone out there reads this site and rides their bike to work, let me know if u roll into the office sweaty as hell, if your co-workers call you sweaty as hell guy/girl and why you can’t just catch the bus/train/walk like the rest of us.


  • Belve

    Hmm. None of my coworkers is dumb/crazy/stupid enough to say anything to me about being sweaty. BUT I am only sweaty if I am late and pushing hard to make up the time. I am in pretty good shape cardo-wise so I don’t work up a real lathery sweat. And I also do the birdbath and pull a superman when I get in which is the norm for us bikers. But I only have a 13 – 17 minute ride, which I can push and make it in 10.
    Why can’t I bus/train/walk all those options lead to walking and walking builds up a sweat too. Plus I live in NYC.. have you ever caught some of the smells on our trains … makes your nosehairs turn gray.

  • Stone

    Well, I don’t bike to work in the summer, but the bike racks in front of my office are always overflowing so its more normal than you think, especially with these gas prices.

    As for everywhere else, its fair game think about it:

    10 min bike ride to Adams Morgan
    -don’t gotta look for parking
    -park right IN FRONT of the spot
    -no worries about getting a parking ticket
    -no worries about getting your car stolen, sideswiped etc…


    -10 min drive (with lights/traffic)
    -100-15 mins trying to find parking
    -the thought that someone might jack your car

  • Michael in LA

    The city I work for installed locker rooms with showers and secure storage for our bikes to encourage cycling to work. I’ve done the two wheel commute when I don’t have to shlep my son to school and it’s a cool way to start the day…

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