Bad Brains to Play 9:30 Club on Election Night

by Winston "Stone" Ford

I know that Bad Brains might not be your steez, but Bad Brains is one of the quintessential Black rock bands evar. If you don’t know, consult Wikipedia.

From MTV:

On November 4 — which will undoubtedly be a momentous, historic Election Day, no matter the outcome — hardcore legends Bad Brains will be revisiting their own history. The band will be performing in their hometown of Washington, D.C., where, in 1979, the band found themselves the subject of an “unofficial” ban by many of the city’s clubs and performance venues (a move that inspired their song “Banned in D.C.”).

It will be the first time in years the band will perform in the nation’s capital, and it is one of four shows Bad Brains has booked with its original lineup. The group performed in Chicago on Tuesday; they’ll play the 9:30 Club on Election Day, followed by a gig at New York’s Irving Plaza on November 6 and one in Austin, Texas, on November 9. Bad Brains released their first proper studio LP in over a decade — called Build a Nation — last year, and that effort featured all of the long-running group’s original members: singer HR, bassist Darryl Jenifer, guitarist Dr. Know and drummer Earl Hudson. The disc was produced by Beastie Boys and longtime band friend Adam Yauch.

No new details are known, but we all know that this is going to be the hottest ticket of the year. (via Black Plastic Bag)

  • Michael in LA

    Legendary band – however HR can be hit or miss. The last time they played in in LA he was kinda spaced out. Just an FYI…

  • dance music charts

    yeah. i heard about their gig at LA. it didn’t go so well. =(

  • Stone

    H.R. has ALWAYS been hit or miss but damn! Gotta keep my hopes up though.

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  • neil

    I slept on buying my ticket, like an IDIOT and now sold out. Fools want $90+ on Ebay.
    I saw HR a while back by himself and the show was terrible.. he kept running on and off the stage, yelling. I would hope the other guys keep him in check for this one.

  • Uriah II