Another Way to Die…

Jack White and Alicia KeysAnother Way to Die

So the long awaited collaboration between Jack White and Alicia Keys dropped this today. “Another Way to Die,” is the newest theme in a long line of James Bond themes. Usually, these things are…and lets be honest…forgettable, and this one plays along those lines. (Can you name the artist that did the last James Bond theme? I thought so.) However, “Another Way to Die” is darker, and more soulful then most James Bond titles, and in most cases breaks out of that typical James Bond mold.

Now that White and Keys have played their hand, I’m tempted to see what Amy Crackhouse and Mark Ronson can do with this. You see, Crackhouse was supposedly going to be at the helm of the thing before she went all Marion Barry, but she vows to release her own interpretation on the same day at the official release.

Either way, they still can’t mess with the best Bond Theme evar…..Live and Let Die.