Album Preview: People Under the Stairs – Fun DMC

People Under the StairsAnotha BBQ

If you’ve ever been to a BBQ in LA, you will be a fan of underground duo People Under the Stairs’ latest effort, FUN DMC. The mission of the album was to bring the summer vibes of Southern California to the people. Of course, everybody and their mother tries to do that (err Shwazye?) but the duo of Thes One and Double K take it to another level. For the album they go outside of the studio, recording half of the tracks outside at real cookouts in the streets of Compton and East LA. There is more texture and life to the songs, and it heightens the BBQ idea feeling further.

As the title states, this album is all about the party, and does spark that old school hip-hop vibe, however it doesn’t try to ape any fad like the Cool Kids. PUTS has been around for much longer to follow any trend (it’s their 6th album, if anybody is counting).

I’m getting my hands on the full album soon. I’ve been really digging the press preview that I got in the mail the other day and this has the makings to be a 4 star (or higher) album. What do y’all think?