UK Tings: The Streets New Track, Burial Reveals Himself

by Winston "Stone" Ford

The Streets – The Escapist

I remember when The Streets (aka Mike Skinner)  was just blowing up when I lived in London and I always thought the dude’s half-rap/half talk thing was kinda odd. To be quite honest, he is really hit or miss for me. However, the dude has made some solid tracks during his career and this one, entitled “The Escapist” is definitely one of the more solid ones. The video is supposedly shot “under the radar” without approval of his label, but the stellar production quality leads me to doubt that.

Burial Reveals Himself

Burial – Archangel(Boy 8-Bit Simple remix)

The UK has been going crazy over the elusive dubstep artist Burial, who’s album Untrue, mixes artists such as Ray J, Beyonce, and Allayah into almost unrecognizable grimy London dance music. Even though I thought Untrue was a little weak and repetitive for my tastes, the album has gotten acclaim in the US and UK from bloggers and music critics, and is nominated for a UK Mercury Music Prize this year.

I think most of the facination around the dude was not about his music, but his reclusiveness. He never gave interviews or performed live, and never revealed his true identity last week. (I think this is a British thing–ie Banksy). Burial is a duden named Bevan from South London (which means Lady Glock probably ran into him at Starbucks), and he is a  “low key person and [who] just want to make some tunes, nothing else.” Too late for that.

  • djeurok

    i’ve listened to that untrue record mad times and never heard the vocal samples you refer to. really? thats some crazy shit. its a dope record. very dark and atmospheric

  • Stone

    Yeah man, I knew that he sampled Ray J for Archangel a while back. Just learning about the Beyonce/India Arie/Allayah samples. I think they’re all vocals tho..

    And the Ray J sample is at 00:27 of this video:

  • himalaya

    hmm…..unknown british dude sampling Beyonce to critical acclaim?? Lawsuit in 3…2…1……

  • Lady Glock

    Run into Burial at Starbucks? You must be joking.

    I ran into him on Brick Lane.

    I kiiiid I kid.

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