Solange is My New Homegirl

SolangeI Decided (Tittsworth Remix)*

*This remix is insane. It’s definitely on some crazy house music vibes!

Sometimes I wake up in the morning and have a song stuck in my head. At the beginning of the week it was Ike’s Rap II by Issac Hayes (for obvious reasons), but ever since Wednesday, it’s been “I Decided” from Solange.

Solange is my new hotness right now. She reminds me this girl I knew in high school. Her sister was the popular chick, with the designer clothes and whatnot, while she would be the equally hot bookworm who dudes couldn’t relate with and would date to get closer to her sister. She already won me over with her quest to get Black people to say douchebag (already there), her sarcastic sense of humor, her shouts to Dilla, and her blatant f u to the industry. So yeah, y’all can take Beyonce and hang out at bottle service at some expensive wack ass club (Park at Fourteenth **cough**, me and Solange can chill at the coffee shop. I can dream, can’t I?

Yeah, I know the Solange “weird sister” thing is a marketing ploy. Her A&R probably dreamed up this whole shtick to get ahead of the “knockoff Beyonce” accusations that would probably erupt in the Blogosphere. But dammit, I’m sopping it all up while I can.

I Decided Video