Kanye West at Virgin Mobile Festival, Baltimore

SD890 – Kanye West, originally uploaded by Phlipper.

Kanye WestAll Falls Down (Live)

Kanye WestI Wonder (Live)

I didn’t go the the Virgin Mobile Festival this past weekend, due to my fear of standing in the hot sun with sweaty, drunk ass suburbanites. From what I heard though, the festival was off the chain, no thanks to Lil Wayne, who showed up 45 minutes late, and rapped over full tracks instead of instrumentals. Kanye, however, killed it, putting on a great show, as well as Lupe. If I paid the $95, I would’ve seen my homegirl Sharon Jones and my new favorite band The Black Keys as well, but like Rock The Bells, I was too cheap and too busy for these outdoor concert things.

I don’t have Kanye’s full set in my hands yet, but here is “I Wonder,” and “All Falls Down” from last weekend’s performance. All Falls Down has a new verse at the end too. (via The Roots Live)