Random Ish – Monday August 4th, 2008

Wow, I haven’t done this in a while……

Pictures from the Commonwealth x Shop Gentei party at the Geisha Lounge in DC. Damn, I my tired ass fell asleep early that night, and I’m mad, cause Commonwealth brings out some of the flyest women in the District.

Speaking of women, Cassie (along with Lupe and N.E.R.D.) coves Complex this month. I met Cassie last year and thought she was one of the most immature and annoying people I’ve ever seen. But she can work it though.

McCain Pulls the Race Card while accusing Obama of pulling the race card. McCain is getting nasty, and now that he’s leading in the polls it’s going to get even worse. I don’t think Obama is gonna win this one, and I’m seriously thinking of moving to Montreal if he dosen’t.

And by the way, Ludacris, you’re not helping

RIP DJ Rock Dee. Wow, this was out of the blue. I didn’t know much of Rock Dee, but he was a contributor of the 88Nine Radio Milwaukee blog, which is one of my favorite reads. My blessings go out to his family.

Radiohead In Rainbows > Coldplay’s Vida La Vida. In fact, that Stateless album I blogged about last week is still the knock, and BETTER than that crap that Coldplay put out.

Rock heads: Byron Crawford hits up Lollapalooza. Check his reviews from Day 1 and Day 2 of the show. I need to get back into the rock game hard so I have to check some of these bands out. BV also has a review and photos from Kanye who closed out the event.

Diary of a Mad DC Cabbie blogs about a Black people not being able to pick up cabs. It’s 2008, sheesh.

Solange – F#$k the Industry. I’m diggin’ Solange and her style and I’m sad to see that the industry is still railroading Black ladies who think outside the box. Maybe she just needs to drop her album as UK-only like Kelis and Amerie did.

SoulBounce is campaigning to be in the Black Weblog Awards. Show Butta and company some love.

Man busted for growing weed in Rock Creek Park….by a turtle. Apparently terrapins are the snitches of the wildlife kingdom.