New Music: Jah-C – Soul Banger Remix

Jah-CSoul Banger Remix (feat Baje One, Scott Thorough, MC-K-Swift, Stimulus and Cavalier)

Jah-C has been on the grind in the New York underground now and he just dropped a new single from his upcoming EP entitled The Project, which includes the likes of Baje One (MC from Junk Science), Scott Thorough, MC-K-Swift, Stimulus and Cavalier. This remix is described as a “old-school-style posse cut,” it definitely has that “golden era/Tribe” feel. The beat is just nice on this one. It’s setting the perfect summer vibe for the upcoming weekend.

This track is off the upcoming Soul Banger EP, due out soon on Coalmine Records. All proceeds from the EP will benefit Urban World NYC, a nonprofit leadership and writing workshop.

Check the video for the original track below: