TCS needed balance. For all of the Flying Lotus and Rhymefest I bring… HERE 1. Max B & Big Mike Return Of The Wave – Intro 2. American Slore feat. Al Pac 3. Get Outta Jail feat. Al Pac 4. Actin Up feat. Mall G 5. Feel The Wave 6. Wave Season Interlude 7. World Is Filled 8. Oh, Oh, Oh 9. Nike Boots (New Verses) 10. I Try feat. Al Pac 11. Won’t Go 12. Stay Off The Surfboards – Interlude 13. Shit On Me 14. I Don’t Wanna 15. Shut Up Bitch Swallow feat. Al Pac & Mack Mustard 16. Gotta Have It (Full Version) 17. West Coast Wave 18. Boss Don Shit 19. PD 3 Wave Comin Soon – Interlude 20. Niggaz Done Started Somethin feat. Gain Green 21. Put You To Sleep 22. Always Be My Bitch feat. Al Pac & Mack Mustard 23. Takin Pictures 24. Niggaz Aint Fuck Wit Us feat. Mitchy Slick 25. Million Dolla Baby Remix feat. Nicki Minaj 26. I Just Wanna 27. Max Shoutouts