RIP K-Swift

Whoa. Just got a text message this morning that the Baltimore Club Queen K-Swift died this past weekend. And damn, blog reports and her MySpace page are confirming that is this is true. This is crazy. I remember seeing her on Friday night and its crazy to see a life taken so quick. It’s a very sad day in B-More and our thoughts and prayers go out to her family.

From Low B MessageBoard:

It’s with the deepest regret, the heaviest heart, and in a state of an almost paralyzing shock that we’re to report that the Queen of Baltimore Club Music died last night due to a drowning accident in the swimming pool at her home. This information is coming directly from our family at Unruly, and as soon as a more detailed explanation is available, we’ll be sure to pass that info along.

Bio (from Diplo) after the jump…

Will, heart and faith, are all of the traits that this female, Baltimore native, ascertained, in order to excel in a male dominated, hustle-minded, fast paced industry. Khia Edgerton a.k.a the “Club Queen K-Swift” was born and raised in Baltimore, Maryland on October 19,1980. Growing up, she had many influences to help drive her into what some might say is a successful music career and others her destiny. Her influences were Cocoa Channel and Jazzy Joyce along with her father who had an immense passion for music. K-Swift began DJing at the age of 11; now 14 years later, she’s not only Baltimore’s only female DJ, but she’s also the only female Mix Show Coordinator in the country! Her desires to become a professional, well-known DJ were met with numerous obstacles. She received a lot of skepticism from males however; she never let that phase her. Her formula for brushing off all the haters was to just do her own thing and stay focused. Long hours spent working to enhance her DJ skills paid off.

At the age of 18, she was offered an internship at Radio One of Baltimore; 92Q Jams. From this point on, her will, faith, and formula quickly began to turn her yesterday’s dream into a reality. That same year she began producing shows for the station, the first being the Mark Young Show, followed by the Neke @ Night Show. Two years later, her impressive and consistent performance as an intern landed her a job with 92Q, where she officially became the first female DJ on the “Q”. She began DJing for a show that she and an on-air personality, Neke produced, which was called Ladies Night. That show was a big hit, therefore her new offer to be an on air personality was inevitable. After becoming an on-air personality, she then was presented with an opportunity to mix for the “Big Phat Morning Show”. Benefiting from that opportunity and growing as a DJ, she held this position for two years. She then decided to continue to expand her horizons, as she switched from part time to full time. Once she became a full time DJ she began taking over the night show from 6-10 on the Q with her co-host Reggie Reg. Not a surprise that this show became the number one night show in Baltimore. Oh, and it doesn’t stop there, she just doesn’t stop. As changes were being made at the station she remained as the late night DJ, now with co-host Squirrel Wyde, which is currently the number one night show in Baltimore.

K-Swift plays at all the hottest clubs & parties in Baltimore; her fan base is beyond celebrity status. She mixes for all the high school parties as well as in the mall for Downtown Locker Room a popular urban retailer of footwear, apparel, and music. Working at the Q opened numerous doors for K-Swift; she’s done big shows with HOT artist like Paula Campbell and Lil Mo. She‘s a member of the hottest DJ’s in the country known as the Violator All Star DJ’s, as well as the all female squad MURDA MAMIS. Her expertise as a DJ, and her career as an on air personality aren’t the limits of her capabilities. She is also the proud owner of her own Graphics Company, and Production and Management Company (Club Queen Entertainment), while simultaneously selling her own mix Cd’s on her website and in stores across the United States. In addition to all those hats that she wears, she’s also the ONLY female Record Pool Director in Baltimore for Direct Drive Record Pool. K-Swift is just unstoppable. She’s unique and unpredictable. She always bringing the hottest and latest music, not only does she bring hype to the party through her mixing skills, but her aggressive voice on the mike boosts the entire experience. Her love for what she does along with her caring and outgoing personality has taken her to the top, but she’s never going to settle. There’s so much more out there that she would like to pursue. Her goal right now is to go on tour with a major artist, and excel at being an entrepreneur. K-Swift is definitely a woman that the music industry doesn’t want to sleep on, she conquers any and all obstacles that come her way, and her drive should let you know that she can’t stop, and won’t stop, until she’s done it all.

She carried a mysterious, almost mythic quality about herself and her craft to some of us club music fanatics outside of Baltimore. We’ve always known that she had the ability to make and break artists in her city, and that she held it down on 92Q radio, but until this past weekend, I don’t think we knew the first thing about her. Her Dj sets at the My Crew Be Unruly party at the Paradox, and at the Artscape festival the next day (with DJ Class) were nothing short of incredible. Friday night at the Dox was so devastating in fact, that her jaw dropping set actually had Diplo nervous about following her, and I’ve NEVER heard him admit anything similar of the sort before then. He and I literally talked about her all day yesterday. The conversation was something to the effect of “Isn’t K Swift the most awesome person in the history of awesomeness?!” and then we’d compare notes about how effortlessly cool, and what an immensely talented dj she was. Shawn Caesar says she couldn’t stop talking about how excited she was to have been spinning with Diplo, and how much she was looking forward to working with all of us in the nearest future…WTF? THIS ISN’T FAIR!

Shawn, Scottie and the rest of the Unruly fam, I have no idea what yall are going through…especially Shawn because I know you were as close as family to each other. Your loss is our loss, and what this beautiful and talented woman brought to the table can not ever be replaced. She was a pioneer in her field and she expanded that vista almost every day to include more and more successes. I’m so sorry, Baltimore. We love you!

Rest In Peace K Swift, The Queen Of Baltimore and Club Music worldwide.