On Toronto…

Toronto Day 1

To be honest, I haven’t talked about my travels in Toronto yet mainly because I’m still trying to come down from the high (literally) that was Montreal. Add to the fact that my boy lived a good 35 minutes from the city center (but still considered in the city of Toronto, go figure) meaning that most of the time spent there was on my ass watching BET (not my choice) and surfing the net. Oh, and there was other drama that went down including me missing my flight (not my fault) and me getting a parking ticket when I was driving my friends care (thanks city of Toronto! Stay classy!). I could have happily skipped out on the T.O. and saved a ton of money in the process.

But it’s all good. Much thanks to o.s.u.m. for connecting with me while I was in town. We rolled out to see Seun Kuti as well as DJ Nana’s birthday party at a spot appropriately named Stone. (Unfortunately, I have pics of neither). Also much thanks to the people in the T.O. who read the site, it makes a brother feel good. A special shout out goes to the “Problem Woman” Ayah who was also at the spot that night and hit me up on MySpace a few weeks before.

T.O. deserves a second chance from me. I’ll try to get back up there real soon.