New Rhymefest – “Bring It Back”

RhymefestBring It Back (produced by DJ Jazzy Jeff)

RhymefestReal Nigga Quotes (produced by DJ Premier)

So some random internets thug named Prometheus sent Fake Shore Drive an email claiming that he found Rhymefest’s iPod and will leak a new track from his forthcoming album, El Che unless Fest and Allido records moves up the release date. The dude claims he’s a “fan” and that the people have “NO FUCKING IDEA how hot this shit sounds!” Sounds like an intern at Allido is getting a little bit TOO creative doesn’t it?

Rhymefest responds in typical gangsta mentality and claims the whole Prometheus this is a joke and that these tracks were already leaked months ago. Then he goes after the Internet “haters” in some long winded fashion that was too damn long for me to read.

I try not to post bullshit like this because personally, this is the stuff that turns me off to hip-hop. I wouldn’t even touch the subject, but the tracks that Prometheus “leaked” are actually quite hot, and I respect Rhymefest as a rapper and thought that Blue Collar was one of the most underrated albums of 2006.

If Rhymefest or his people did leak these tracks to create drama or publicity then he deserves a huge FAIL. These songs are good enough to stand by themselves musically, and if people need drama or bs for them to be interested in an artist, then they probably aren’t listening to Rhymefest anyway.