Nadastrom – “A Milli” (Remix)

by Winston "Stone" Ford

Tired of hearing every rapper, R&B singer, has been and baby mama try to rap over that “A Milli” beat? Then check out this remix by my boy Dave Nada and Matt Nordstrom, aka Nadastrom. Their new album will be dropping real soon on Switch’s Dubsided label. (first spotted at Ddoff)

  • djeurok

    why is making good remixes of bad music more popular than just making good music?

  • Stone

    Man, that’s the nature of the game. Bad music is popular, and dudes who want to make a name for themselves have to follow a trend.

  • Dan


    Why is blog trolling more popular than actually going and making your own music? Are you throwing in your hat for the Plater Hater of the Year award? Give it up to Nadastrom for making a dope remix and STFU

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