Montreal Snapshot: Ariane Moffatt

Arianne Moffatt – Point de Mire

Arianne MoffattFollow Me (Remix)

So I know this is probably not your cup of tea, but bear with me.

So on Sunday night in Montreal, I wandered into Metropolis for what the Jazz fest organizers call the nightcap with electronic jam band Jedi Electro. I’m not the biggest fan of traditional electronic music, but I decided to roll through since it was free and I was craving a Johnnie Walker Red and Coke for some reason. After some initial hesitation at the start of the set, I decided to stick around, and I’m glad i did.

Because they killed it.

The shit was live. The setup consisted of beats from a Mac (of course) with live drums, bass guitar, as well as keyboards and Moog synthesizer playing over it, in true jam band style. I didn’ t have my camera so the description doesn’t do the audio justice. But the highlight of the whole night was seeing Montreal singer Ariane Moffatt warped, remixed, and sample her voice on the fly. It ranks as some of the flyest ish that I’ve ever seen. The whole time, our new friend Mike (aka “le redneck de MontrĂ©al”) was screaming into my ear…”you know that girl is famous!”

I didn’t know just how famous until I did a Google search a few days later and yeah….she’s a bonafied pop star in French Language circles, and its much deserved. So far she’s dropped 3 albums, which combine everything from rock electro, to reggae/dub, and everything else in between, with a shout out to old school trip-hop that runs through her whole catalog. Most of y’all know that I’ve been on this singer songwriter kick for a while, thanks to such females as Fiest and Lykki Li. Personally, if Ms. Moffatt sung entirely in English her name would be among that crowd.

I’m not advocating she make an English language album though, lest she lose her artistic integrity. Plus French just sounds too damn sexy.