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Maybe I Need a Ghostblogger?

by Winston "Stone" Ford

(image from ldntimes)

I’m really not following the whole Kanye ghostblogging “controversy” and personally I really don’t care. I do read Kanye’s blog on the daily, and I have questioned the fact that the dude has at least 10 posts a day while he’s supposedly touring or producing, or whatever else the dude does.

But when you look at Kanye’s posts, they’re usually one line long, and really don’t have any skill or depth to them. He needs a Ghostblogger for that? Dude, I could do postings like that from my Phone.

Anyway, the whole ghostblogging point is null and void. Wannabe gossip blogger Sandra Rose accused Canadian blogger Marcus Troy as being Kanye’s Ghost Blogger after he wrote this sorta tongue and cheek post about wanting to become a Ghostblogger–NOT that he was a ghostblogger. Either Ms. Rose can’t read or she had some type of vendetta, because obviously the dude said nothing about being Kanye’s Ghostblogger. Of course, with Kanye being Kanye, he unleashed an assault on the dude and posting pictures of himself er….blogging.

This is the type of blogging bullshit that makes me want to dust off my old IBM typewriter from my mom’s closet and become the unabomber. As much as I love blogging, I’m hating the fact that this medium is becoming like cable news–where blogs are competing to one up each other with “scoops,” and “Breaking News.” Obviously, this chick Sandra Rose thought she had a scoop on Kanye, but if she just re-read the damn post, she would see that it was just some dude with a blog posting nonsense. Maybe it was her Ghostblogger? She should learn not to outsource those things.

Disclaimer: If you didn’t know–The Couch Sessions is 100% GHOSTBLOGGER FREE. I would hope the misspellings and the 4 -6 week lag time it takes for me to do reviews would give it away.

  • Clyde Smith

    I admit I’m guilty of some of the things you’re not happy with and I know what you mean about blogging in general but, for somebody who doesn’t follow or care about this particular controversy, you sure have all the details right in exact sequence!

  • Stone

    Well, were all guilty of this at some point or another. We’re bloggers…not the Washington Post! But obviously, Sandra Rose was CLEARLY in the wrong on this one and she’s not helping herself by being defensive about it.

    And yeah, usually I don’t care about celebrities and their doings—I leave that to Concrete Loop! But I’m helping a friend prepare a thesis on Internet Communication and the blog angle on this one was rather interesting, especially since it was picked up by mainstream media.

  • d

    lol… the whole thing is really dumb imo. especially having gone over and seen how extra the marcus dude is about blogging and acting like he coined the word “ghost-blogger”. what was even funnier is all the comments going on about his “genius”. seriously, i pray for our generation if that’s what it comes down to. who gives a flying shit if a celebrity has a ghost blogger or not; they’re not posting any revolutionary ideas, no words of holy wisdom. it’s mostly a bunch of superficial shit that any idiot with a computer and an internet connection could write anyway. blogging is a hobby, an outlet for an individual and i would like to know when it all became so serious? lol it’s like a bunch of whack ass negroes e-thugging each other. & on sandra rose, everybody knows she is a hater biotch. she mastered the art of hating, though if i woke up with her hairline, facial, body type, and that fug ass grill i guess i’d be mad at the world too.

    on a side note, i just started reading your blog and thanks for keeping me updated about events going down in b-more. i’m gonna have to bite the bullet with the gas issue and drive my ass up 95.

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