Killa Kill

by Rome

Killer Mike – God In The Building

Dude is like a younger, angrier 1991 Ice Cube. The beat on the above song is the type that makes you want to FINALLY slap your bothersome co-worker. Its a problem for real.


  • Belve

    Seriously.. I got an advance copy of this album because.. for whatever reason I wasn’t riding on the Killer Mike train.. needless to say this is an album the force of AmeriKKKa’s Most Wanted minus the beef of him leaving a group.

    I always buy 2 of what I get.. do the same this is worth it.

  • Stone

    Damn….this is fire. Killer Mike is the best rapper out of the South right now. He prob. won’t do 1/10th of Wayne’s numbers which is really sad…

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