Jay-Z – Live at Glastonbury 2008

Jay-Z – Live at Glastonbury 2008 (via 2dopeboyz, knowxone)

I don’t know if y’all have gotten your hands on the audio of Jay-Z’s performance at Glastonbury, but here it is as a public service. Jay handled the stage with grace and class (youngin’s take notes) and dominated his headlining slot.

Apparently, the haters approve:

Gallagher’s response to the mock performance? He thought the rapper did a great job.

He told People magazine, “I thought it was great. I love Jay-Z.”

“The thing is, I was actually giving my opinion about ticket sales at Glastonbury. And it really wasn’t about hip-hop or anything like that.”

He continues, “I only caught the second half of his set. But everyone says it was great.”

Jay-Z also expressed his intention of making peace with the rocker.

He told MTV, “I haven’t spoken to him (but) I heard he was reaching out… I don’t bear any grudge, it’s all good.”

Full Tracklisting
1. Wonderwall
2. 99 Problems
3. Is That Your Bitch/Smack My Bith Up/Rehab
4. Take Over
5. Dirt Off Your Shoulders
6. Izzo
7. Can I Get A?
8. Night Rider (Punjabi MC)
9. I Just Want To Love Ya (Give It to Me)
10. Show Me What You Got.
11. Girls, Girls, Girls
12. American Boy (RMX) (Verse)
13. Umbrella (Verse)
14. Hard Knock Life (Ghetto Anthem)
15. Encore