UK Tings: Sway, Rolex Sweep

by Winston "Stone" Ford

So the Rolex Sweep is supposed to be the UK’s version of the Soulja Boy. I’m actually liking the fact that its easier to do, and women like the fact that it has no obvious sexual connotations. I severely doubt that it will cross the pond (like outed racist Amy Winehouse), but who knows. Even Busta Rhymes is doing it.

Sway F Ur X

I know most of y’all don’t get down with UK grime, but personally I never thought most of the US gave the genre its just due. But I’m biased as hell since I used to live in London. Anyway, Sway’s F Ur X is becoming one of my hot tunes of the summer, even if it has a slightly repetitive grime beat and similarities to Dizzee’s “I Luv U.” Still, it’s got the perfect combination of dance beat and British cheekiness to get the floor movin’–at least in South London.

Damn. I really wish I could make it to London this year…

  • stoneyisland

    The rolex sweep is the gayest dance ever. Not even The village people or Rupaul would do it:) I hope this stay is england alone with that skeleton Amy Winehouse

  • Michael in LA

    The sista in the Sway video is the lick. I miss London too…