Sweden Stays Winning: Kissey Asplund

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Kissey AsplundFaster

Most of y’all know of my sudden infatuation with all things Sweden for the past few months. But I can’t knock a country that consistently puts out good ish. I might have to cop some Ikea this weekend just to support their economy.

I thought I wrote about Kissey Asplund a long time ago, but a quick search of the site proved otherwise. My bad people…I’ve written over 1000 posts in the 4 years this site has been up, so sometimes things fall through the cracks. I do have to say that Kissey Asplund is what is needed in R&B right now. She’s been grinding in her native Sweden for a while now, and is getting her much respect in the United States as well as being a featured writer for Tarik’s Rhythm Lab blog. Kissey is a hard artist to pin down–her sound ranges from futuristic afro-soul to traditional R&B. But fans of Kelis and Janel Monae should definitely take a look at the homegirl from Malmo.