Stevie Shows Up at Wonder-Ful, Bobbito in DC Tonight

by Winston "Stone" Ford

I forgot to post about the latest incarnation of DJ Spinna’s and Bobbito’s Wonder-full tributes to the one and only, but I was in Georgia last weekend for my sister’s Med School graduation (Doctor in the house!). Of course, these parties are always off the chain, but there was even more of a reason to take the Bolt Bus to NYC last weekend. Stevie himself was in the building:

Yes, I know there was a Wonder-full party in DC a few months back, but of course New York takes it to the next level. (Superbizzee, did you roll through??)

And if you really need your Bobbito fix, he will be in DC tonight with Roddy Rod:

  • djeurok

    that has to be one of the dumbest flyers ever. why is stalin and lenin on it. i just dont get it.

    i guess they were trying to be all revolutionary and about the sneaker movement…


  • vickey

    it was for design purposes….
    you want to take it up with the designer cool..hit me up..i’ll give you his info.


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