Snoop Goes Country – Buy My Medicine

So I’ve been hearing rumors about Snoop goin’ country for a few months but never really put any real thought into it. I’ve hung around many potheads to know that you must take whatever they say at face value until they actually do it. Well, Snoop done gone and did it.

First it was his appearance at the the CMT Awards. Second, his surprise visit to WIllie Nelson on stage in Amsterdam (of course), but now its official, with this new video for his track called “Buy My Medicine.”

I’m not the biggest country fan around–I can only really get down with old school acts like Patsy Cline and Johnny Cash–but this song is actually pretty good. I can’t believe that the dude actually pulled it off. With Everlast on the guitar and input from Willie, the song plays to that old school rockabiliy country vein, with Snoop half talking/half singing about his love for the sticky icky.

Seriously, can Snoop do no wrong? The dude can do German commercials, parody 80s R&B, and do Girls Gone Wild and still get love from the hood. No other rap artist can get away with the things that Snoop does.

And before you hip-hop purists hate, you might want to check your history. Black people have had a long legacy in country music, from Charley Pride, to Ray Charles to Rissi Palmer.

(hat tip: Cal)