Random Ish: Friday, June 13th, 2008

New Promo for The Cleveland Show. I don’t know about this one. Cleveland was my least favorite character on Family Guy. I would’ve rather preferred a Quagmire spin-off but it probably wouldn’t make it past the FCC.

So is anyone else wondering why Wonder Woman (Lynda Carter) was doing alone on a boat in the Potomac with no cell phone and just happened to come across a dead body? Hmmmmm……

6 people arrested at South Carolina High School graduation for cheering. Seriously? Seriously? I’m going to my sister’s graduation tomorrow in Georgia and I’m going to be cheering so loud they might throw me in Guantanamo.

This is pretty cool–virtual Wii Spray paint can for virtual graffiti.

RIP Sharper Image – this used to be my store growing up, but I guess nobody needs massage chairs and $500 clock radios in this struggling economy.

Tha Carter III is on pace to do 850,000-950,000 in its first week. I’m not surprised. People go for Lil’ Wayne like he’s a part of their family. I know people who are buying multiple copies. I still don’t understand. The N.E.R.D. album, which is more on my level, is hopefully going to do 90,000.

Ashanti. Seriously? (via CL)

Racism on the campaign trail: Obama monkeys, “terrorist fist jabs,” and Fox News calling Michelle Obama “baby mama.” It’s only the beginning people.

And yes, Apple dropped the new iPhone this week. As much as I loved the first iPhone, I wasn’t ready to pop down $400 for one, when really all I need to do is make phone calls. But now that it’s $200, I’m checkin’ it, especially since it will have location-aware GPS, which means that it can suggest local restaurants, events based on where you’re standing. Nice.

Oh yeah, and this is what I think about DC Neighborhood Checkpoints.