Pictures: The Cool Kids/Live at the Renaissance Cookout at Space

So yeah, this party made my friends in London, Chicago and LA jealous. DC, again, stand up. Better yet, jump on a chair and scream on the mountaintop. This party was off the chain–probably the coolest party I’ve been to. Evar. The Space is just like chillin’ at someone’s house for a cookout (complete with dog), and it was a rare opportunity to hang with the Internets rising stars in a chill, unpretentious environment. Everybody rolled through, from rappers (what up Fresh!) to indie rock cats. Crazy.

More photos on the Flickr Photostream.

Mickey Rocks + Your Favorite Blogger

Where my dogs at?

Downstairs party was poppin’!

The iPhone/Blackberry game is tough.

Grilled pineapple = Off the Chain

My Homies Juam and A Kid Called Fresh (Diplo/MIA) on the rooftop

The rooftop

Lunch With The Cool Kids

HyGrade = DC’s biggest magazine? Jerome, check the fitted.

DJs kept it Poppin’