Pictures: The Cool Kids/Live at the Renaissance Cookout at Space

by Winston "Stone" Ford

So yeah, this party made my friends in London, Chicago and LA jealous. DC, again, stand up. Better yet, jump on a chair and scream on the mountaintop. This party was off the chain–probably the coolest party I’ve been to. Evar. The Space is just like chillin’ at someone’s house for a cookout (complete with dog), and it was a rare opportunity to hang with the Internets rising stars in a chill, unpretentious environment. Everybody rolled through, from rappers (what up Fresh!) to indie rock cats. Crazy.

More photos on the Flickr Photostream.

Mickey Rocks + Your Favorite Blogger

Where my dogs at?

Downstairs party was poppin’!

The iPhone/Blackberry game is tough.

Grilled pineapple = Off the Chain

My Homies Juam and A Kid Called Fresh (Diplo/MIA) on the rooftop

The rooftop

Lunch With The Cool Kids

HyGrade = DC’s biggest magazine? Jerome, check the fitted.

DJs kept it Poppin’