Pics: Too Black Guys Summer Line

by Winston "Stone" Ford

Too Black Guys just dropped their summer line titled “Jim Crowe Couture,” rocked by none other than newly signed Universal recording artists Pacific Division as well as Diz Gibran and TiRon.

Pacific DivisionTaste

Too Black Guys describes themselves as “social commentary and next level fashion,”. The Toronto-based line seems to be able to craft poignant social messages with subtlety, finesse and wit. Their new line has the same sarcastic, dry, and relevant humor as yours truly.

Threads are available at Union (NY/LA).

Check it:

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  • djeurok

    EXTRA LOLS @ “social commentary and next level fashion”

    I love how all these cats like to be non-negative maybe somewhat conscious (kinda like common) with their dilla-tante beats, witty fashion shirts and bright kicks.

    Then, on the other hand, you got cats like Rebel Diaz up in the Bronx rapping about REAL SHIT, DOING REAL WORK IN THE COMMUNITY, MAKING THEIR OWN GEAR, and get jumped and beatdown by the cops.


  • Stone

    I saw that post on your site, and I was going to blog about it next week. I see what your saying..yes, we need more conscious hip-hop to get out into the forefront, but then again, I’m not going to knock somebody because they want to wear some bright kicks and a Too Black Guys T-shirt. We’re all different, and people need to express their individuality.

    Hip-Hop has and always will be, a diverse medium, bringing in people from all sides in a spectrum of thought and creativity. No one should be required to pick a side. If that were the case, Soulja Boy would be collaborating with Dead Prez right now.

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