J*Davey for President*

*Not really, but if Hillary continues to pull some mess at the convention, I’m writing these two in.

So…..take those misconceptions that you had about J*Davey’s live show and throw it out the window.

J*Davey – Mister Mister (Snippet) from Couch Sessions on Vimeo.


I mean, seriously, this was one of the best live shows I’ve seen all year. Jack and Brook rocked the DC crowd to its core. Those rumors of DC crowds being blase and passive are thrown out the window. I don’t even know if this video (from my digital camera) captures just how damn crazy this show was last night. Bohemian Caverns was packed to the gills It was hot, sweaty, sexy and crowded as hell, but it was worth it.

I don’t cuss anymore, because I know my family reads this site, but Warner Brothers is fucking up by letting this album sit on a shelf. Seriously. The video speaks for itself.

Surprise guest Muhsinah showed up as well to some DC love, and Sounds of the City started off the night. Do not sleep on Sounds of the City!

Much thanks to Brandon at SolSource for putting this show on, and for the shout out.

Bonus: New song (don’t know the title) from the Warner Bros. debut (again, apologies cause it was dark and was taken with a digital camera):

Bonus: J*Davey – New Song from Couch Sessions on Vimeo.