Heads Up: DC is about to mess up intercity bus service

I don’t dip into local politics (I read DC City Desk and Upset the Setup for those things), but I know this might affect a lot of our readers.

Heads up to everybody that use the Chinatown buses from DC to New York. The District is enacting rules that will severely limit intercity bus service by forcing all buses to pickup and drop off passengers at L’Enfant Plaza as well as putting an end curbside ticket sales. Not only that, but there are new charges, regulations, paperwork, etc that will drive up prices and slow down services.

This is a fuck up in a city of many fuck ups. These actions will essentially shut down many of the Chinese bus operators since their offices are located in Chinatown, as well as send some bus companies across the border to Virginia and Maryland.

Word on the street that these changes are going to take place on July 3rd, but that hasn’t been confirmed by any news sources. Since the city has never publicly notified anyone of the changes, most bus operators don’t even know about it and haven’t notified their customers. I’ll keep y’all posted on what develops.