Album Preview: J Rawls and Middle Child

Rawls and Middle – Lovers on a Stroll

Rawls and MiddleAlbum Preview

For the most part, I can’t get down with current R&B. We all know this. However, I’m really digging Middle Child, an R&B singer from Columbus, Ohio. Her voice is light, jazzy, and relaxed, and unlike a lot of R&B singers, its not overdone, over processed and overproduced. I love R&B singers who don’t show off, and Middle Child’s voice is easy and effortless.

So when I heard some tracks off of the new J Rawls and Middle Child collaboration, I had to do a double take. If you didn’t know, J Rawls is the producer best known for his cut “Brown Skin Lady,” off of the Black Star album. However, the dude has been around in the underground hip-hop market for a while.

The two Ohio residents got together two create an album, simply titled Rawls and Middle, which showcases both artists abilities. It’s a wonderful combination. I heard Gilles Peterson drop the track ‘Lovers on A Stroll’, and I was hooked from the first 30 seconds. The track, with its basic combination of a piano riff and a simple 4/4 beat is a departure from what we know as R&B. Rawls light, airy production, combines with her voice are making what might be the perfect summer album. Rawls and Middle drops on June 10th.