5 Songs I Can’t Get Outta My Head Right Now….

So I’m starting this new (hopefully) weekly post of the 5 songs I can’t get outta my head, based off of aSOHH’s Soul Rebel post I saw a couple weeks ago. Here is my top 5 for the week. It’s a little left-field and melanin deprived for some of y’all, but it is what it is.

Adam Tensta – Dopeboy

I’ve been diggin’ Adam Tensta for a hot minute now, as most of y’all know, and I finally decided to cop his album. Again, there is something in the water in Sweden, which has officially replaced the UK as my go-to country of choice for new music. “Dopeboy,” isn’t what you think. Instead of glamorizing the trap-rap lifestyle, Tensta actually addresses the racism that he and his crew face while trying to enter an all white downtown club. The techno beat is added for irony as a backdrop to the whole mess and the chorus, “Do You Think That I Sell Drugs? plays off the beat perfectly. It’s a creative and clever song, on a great album that keeps it street, yet remains “bling” free.

MGMT – Electic Feel

I first heard of MGMT when the DC hipsters tried to stage a riot cause these dudes played the backstage at the Black Cat and not the larger, upstairs room. I usually don’t buy into Pitchfork hype but MGMT is slowly looking like the real deal. Some of their other songs are a little to pop for my taste, but I have to listen to Electric Feel every morning on the Ipod for some reason.

Justin Nozuka – After Tonight

Last time I checked, I wasn’t a 17 year old white girl from Omaha, so obviously I’m not in the target market for this ish. But there is something about this track that I’m digging. I saw this video at 5 AM on VH1 (you know, the only time they don’t show Flava Flav), and was like “damn!” Sure, this dude is for the John Mayer/Jack Johnson crowd, but I’m a sucker for acoustic soul.

Little Dragon – Constant Surprises

Again, Sweden stays winning right now, and Little Dragon is one of the reasons why. I actually knew about Yukimi Nagaro when she was singing for Koop (check “Wherever there is You” off of their 2006 release). I never knew about Little Dragon until a few months ago, but now it’s on constant rotation on the iPod. Anybody want to help me bring them to DC?

J*Davey – A Dollar or More

I know I go crazy over J*Davey sometimes, but I’m getting pissed that it’s been almost 4 years since I first blogged about these guys and they still are in record label limbo. They are releasing their EPs next month, however, everyone is really waiting for that album to drop, and at last Thursday’s concert, Miss Jack Davey’s announcement that this song, titled “A Dollar or More” is on the new album has whet our appetities even more.

Word is that this song isn’t about sex (mind out of gutter…now) but more about expressing her frustration about the music industry in general. Her screams of “Gimme My Money,” are so appropriate right now.

Bonus: J*Davey – New Song from Couch Sessions on Vimeo.