YouTube: Alfonso Ribeiro for Breakin’ And Poppin’

by Winston "Stone" Ford

Whoa. I never expected Carlton on the Fresh Prince to be so fly. We need this in 2008. Now.

Seriously, for $20 this is a damn good deal. Why didn’t my parents get this for me??

(hat tip: Christie)

  • JCon

    Yo’! I was just having an argument with somebody that said they didn’t remember this ish! I don’t know what’s funnier…his sincerity, fake accent, or quotes like “tell your parents this is the ‘safe way to break and pop’ not the things you shouldn’t try” or “I wasn’t born a dancer…” Yo’ I’m crying right now…thanks for that one Stone.

  • superbizzee

    Man, I’m glad they finally reissued Silver Spoons episodes on DVD!!!

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